Jim & Sherri's Photos from Memorial Day 2006 West Palm Beach

Memorial Day 2006, West Palm Beach - Just got back, it was wonderful. The weather was very nice. The vis was less than expected, running from 25-45 ft, and the temperature from 73-79 degrees, but it was a beautiful trip. the seas were basically flat the whole time.

These photos were taken with a Fuji Finepix F10 camera with a Sea and Sea YS25 Auto Strobe (which was brand new for the trip and flooded on the last set of dives - grrrrr). Up until the time it flooded I was very happy with the strobe unit. I was manually setting the flash power, and learning as the trip and dives progressed. I over and under exposed a number of photos, and got some decent ones. These were much better than the previous ones from Labor day, 2005, when there was no external flash. We'll see what kind of warranty Sea and Sea has.

West Palm Beach - Dive Photos
Great Baraccudas
Hermit Crab
Nassau Grouper
Midnight Parrot
Loggerhead Turtle
Sherri Fish
Night Dive Crew
Grouper being cleaned
Jim & Sherri
Southern Stingray