Jim and Sherri's Labor Day 2005 Weekend Trip to West Palm Beach Fl.

A sampling of photos from a dive trip to West Palm Beach over the Labor Day 2005 holiday weekend. These photos were taken with my new FinePix F10 camera with waterproof underwater case.

Page 2 has additional photos, which were taken by the "photographer" (aka-Mikey). Page 2 - Additional Photos

Day 1 - diving from Jim Abernathy's Deep Obsession. Conditions were wonderful, seas, flat, water temp, 82-83 deg F, vis 40+ ft. We dove on two beautiful reefs, Flower Garden and Front of Breakers

Deep Obsession Dolphins on Surface
Spotted Scorpion Fish Sherri Fish

Day 2 - We switched to Diving Solutions boat, Spellbound for the next 4 days of diving. For Friday the weather was again beautiful, hot, humid, the seas flat, water temp 82-83 deg F, vis 40+ ft. On this day, there was no crew to act as divemasters in the water, therefore we took matters into our own hands - literally. On this day we dove Back of Breakers and Front of Breakers

Jim in Charge Flying Gurnard Coral & Squirrel Fish
Hermit Crab Clouds during Ride in Post Dive Sherri

Day 3 - We continued with more drift diving on several beautiful reefs, Ron's Rock and . The crew showed up so Sherri forced me to relinquish the ball :( All in all a couple more great dives. We saw a batfish, plenty of lobsters (bugs), turtle, baraccuda, and much more. Oh, did I mention the weather was starting to degrade? We also did a night dive on The Trench, but, alas, no pictures from that dive.

Two Crazies (Oren & Mike) Atlantic Spadefish Puffer fish
Loggerhead Turtle Post morning dive Lunch

Day 4 - Day 4 (sunday) dawned as a miserable day, pouring, driving rain, whitecaps on the ocean, brisk winds. It was not clear that we would dive that morning. And someone chose not to - no names to protect me. We ultimately did leave the dock, and the weather was still nasty, but we dove a wreck, the Princess Anne, a car carrier sunk as an artifical reef, and the Front of Breakers over to Turtle Mound

Southern Stingray Baraccuda

Day 5 - Again the day dawned looking a little nasty, but it settled down by the time we left the dock to head out. The seas were actually relatively flat by the time we got to the first dive site, Flower Garden, but the seas were picking up by the time we surfaced from the dive. By the time we finished the second dive on The Trench, the seas, they was rocking and rolling. On the ride back in they were running 4-6 ft, with occasional 8 ft seas. It was interesting, to say the least. Having said that, the dives were still nice, with warm waters, vis in the 40-50 ft range, and Sherri finally got to dive The Trench

Nurse Shark Spotted Scorpionfish Midnight Parrot
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