Jim & Sherri's Photos from August 2005 Lake Rawlings Trip

Lake Rawlings, Aug 2005 - A little tune up prior to heading off to WPB again for some more tropical reef diving. We spent a long weekend at Rawlings, and observed the Atlantic Edge dive shop with a summer camp of kids getting their junior open water certification. Oh, what a handful they were. The weather was running about 100 degrees, and the water was about 84-ish deg on the surface, 82 deg down to around 25 ft, then hitting the thermocline and it dropped to around 55-ish deg (we didn't wait long enough for the thermometers to stabelize). With 3 mm suits, it made sense to stay above the thermocline.

Lake Rawlings - Dive Photos
Quarry Edge - Trees
End of the Road
How Far to Columbia?
Guess Who
Which Way Did They Go?
Replacement Movie Sailboat
Sherri At Work
Another Fist
Surface View